Club penguin field ops

Club Penguin has released their 24 Field Ops. Head to the Elite Penguin Force headquarters for your mission briefing.

We’re still on Red Alert!  Enemy programs have
damaged systems in the VR Hologram Quarters.

Travel down to the VR HQ, and find the broken
hologram  pane.  Work together to power it up.

The panel that you must  power up is the third panel under where it says ‘HQ 2005′  Waddle over to it and your Spy Phone will start to flash Green.  Click on your Spy Phone to Start the Field Op

You’ll need to guide your Microchip around the phone into the charger spots. You must be sure to avoid the static lasers around the phone or your Microchip’s battery will decrease.

Heres What You Must Avoid and What you to do to Power up and recharge:

Click Engage To Begin….

Simply approach each charger and remain still. The charger will take the battery out of your chip into itself and your battery will decrease. Meanwhile, you will need to find the key on the phone and you will unlock all chargers.

TIP: Its always a good idea to not going to all chargers at once, make sure to recharge at the center of the phone on the green platform after chaging up one Power Up.

Once all chargers have a green circled on them, you’ll have completed the 24th Field Ops Mission.
You will now be rewarded 1 Elite Penguin Force Field Ops Badge for your completion


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