Club Penguin ” Penguin Band History” A.K.A PBH

Hey penguins!

Billybob just made a new post about the history of the Penguin Band! Many of you has noticed that the Penguin Band has a new outfit by reading the Club Penguin Times Issue #295.

The Penguin Band has changed their look a few times since Club Penguin has begun. First appearing in Penguin Chat 3 back in 2005. All penguins were only blue back then.

The band first appeared when 2006 hit, with different colors and different instruments!

Then they have became a country band.

This year, the Penguin Band is more modern (new) now the band has their own unique musical style, their now into rock! Also, they are now playing electronic instruments!

I heard from many penguins that they don’t like the new look of Penguin Band. What do you think? Do you like it, or hate it? Leave a comment below!


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