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Club Penguin July/August 2011 Better Igloos Catalog Cheats

Attention Ye’ Penguins! Rockhopper and Yarr have begun their journey to Club Penguin for the Island Adventure Party (July 22 – 29). In the midsts of the upcoming Adventure Party, Club Penguin has released a new June-August 2011 Better Igloos Catalog. You can access the New Catalog via the Better Igloos Icon from your Igloo.

You can find the Snappy Shark by clicking on the Tropical Tree (Page 3).

Snappy Shark Cheat

You can find the Green Bench by clicking on the Green Plastic Chair (Page 5).

Green Bench Cheat

Congratulations! You have discovered the new cheats for the July-August 2011 Better Igloos Catalog. What did you think? Leave a comment on our story entitled Club Penguin July/August 2011 Better Igloos Catalog Cheats



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