Club Penguin Special Bash Party Coincode Giveaway!

Hey! I decided to throw a party with Pinguguy just for fun and we hope you can come! And of course Special Guests will come (Famous Penguins) and hope you can make it! Here are the details!

If you cant read it says:

Date: September 10 2011 ( This Saturday)

Time: 10:00 A.M Penguin Standard time (PST)

Server : Ice Shelf

Room: Cove

Hope you can make it!


P.S The Coin Code  Series 1 will be released here after the party at 11:30 A.M (PST) if more than 40 Penguins are online!


I’ll announce on twitter when ill give the code out so follow me here at:!/Nitrofire100cp


Special Guest!

1.) Eninem /!/EninemCP

2.) Monchocho /!/Monchocho

3.) Oreo Summit /!/OreoSummit



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