Club Penguin 4,500 Coin Code Giveaway!

Hey, when we reach 4,500 views in our site, we will give a HUGE MEGA GIVEAWAY! Follow me on twitter here at:!/Nitrofire100cp for updates of when we will give the Coin Codes and Memberships out. Hope you enjoy because this is going to be Huge! Each code will be given out each 15 Minutes! So enough time to get prepared! These codes are big! HUGE! A lot of Coin Code Series 1 and a few memberships! Below here, the codes will be given out.

Coin Code Series 1: T65ZLF799 (Used somehow) No picture? :/= 4,500 Hits

Coin Code Series 13: **********= 450 Followers

Membership 12 Month: 4668-3243-8529-2726 =(Used) Pic if won!

(@DarkRockerzCP) WON pic?=

Membership 1 Month(Second): ____-____-____-____ = 500 followers

Membership 6 Month: ____-____-____-____ = 600 followers

Membership 1 year: ____-____-____-____ = 1,000 followers

Coin Code Series 2: *********= 7,500 Hits

And Maybe we can have a Mini Party, Just comment below!



P.S No more giveaways till next week :/ :L

3 Responses

  1. You do have 4,500 hits already, when will you give away the coin code’?

  2. when is your giveaway?

  3. you already have more then 7000 hits u should have also posted a time

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