Club Penguin Holiday Party December 2011 Cheats | Walkthrough

Hello Penguins!

Well, it’s been a long time since Club Penguin had such an amazing party like this one! The new Holiday Party is absolutely amazing. There’s about 15 new free items (3 of the 15 are for members only) and a new unexpected play at stage! Unbelievable…

Let’s get start it! First of all there will be 12 free items for non-members this month. Go to the Forest and there you will find 12 different boxes with 12 numbers. Each number represents each day left for Christmas and each day, you will be able to collect a new item at the Forest! Today’s item is a Jingle Bell hat.

So make sure to visit the Forest everyday to collect a free items! I’m still unsure if Club Penguin remove the items once the day is over. I will be posting the upcoming gifts below.

December 15th – Holiday Tree Background

More coming between December 15 – 27th

Now, there’s quite a lot for members this year. If you go to the Bakery, you can collect a free Deluxe Gingerbread House and pick up a free cooking serving apron! The apron is located next to the Staff exit and the new igloo is located next to the cookie count inside the “Gingerbread Igloo” microwave.

Well, that’s nice from you, Club Penguin! Thank you for giving us a free igloo this season! Here’s how my new Gingerbread Igloo looks like:

I love it! What about you? Remember, this igloo is for members only! Anyway, you can also play a little game at the Bakery. Just stand in one of the 3 mats to shape, bake, and decor the cookies. TIP: Throw snowballs to the moving target to send the cookies to the next stage.

Anyone remembers the classic Sanata Sleigh? Well, it’s back! Deliver 15 gifts from Santa’s sleigh to the igloos by clicking the red button. This “game” is located at the Dance Lounge next to the Bakery and you can collect a free “Evergreen Decoration” by delivering 15 gifts.

Apparently, you can collect three different decorations: gold, red, and green. Play the game 3 times and I’m pretty sure you will collect them all!

You can also send your friends a gift to collect a free red spiral hat. To send this gift go to your postcards and choose the “free gift” one. Here’s one I got from one of my buddies!

That’s pretty much it! I will be updating this post when Club Penguin releases the other 12 gifts starting tomorrow! Are you excited? Are you enjoying the Holiday Party? I sure am! It sure looks like Club Penguin worked har don this one.

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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