About Nitrofire100

Nitrofire100 is a nice penguin who loves to help penguins with the pins and cheats. He would do anything to help you with cheats and updates. Well.. I love to be with my buddies and play basketball and soccer every saturday outside about 5:00 P.M – 8:00 P.M . Nitrofire100 is mostly found on Saturday nights at Sleet, town. Sometimes at Ice shelf, town. Nitrofire100 is a hard penguin to find on weekends and sometimes at weekdays. Here’s a picture of my player card.

Actually, I’m not a member anymore but yet, I try to show you cheats and more! For more information about me, e-mail me at Firenheat100@hotmail.com

Happy to help!

P.S Comment below if you want to be hired 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Can I be hired?

  2. Yo i wana meet Graser 8

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