Famous Penguins 2006-2011

Here is yeti321 the owner and operator of clubpenguincheetzcp,and he does most of the posts and hosts a lot of parties. Add him on Club Penguin he will say yes his favorite servers are:yeti,sleet,outback,northern lights and,rainbow

Darkrai1237 is an author here,and he posts a lot. He posts mostly messages and he donates a lot of codes to the site! He will add you on Club Penguin if you ask. Look out for him,and his work. His favorite servers are:Zipline,Apline,yeti,and Outback. Here is what he looks like:

Firepuddle is an author here,but he also does tutorials and other stuff. Check out his site firepuddle.wordpress.com ! If you see him on Club Penguin say hi! His favorite servers are:Yeti,outback,zipline,and Snow Cap! Here is his player card:

Darkrai1236 is Darkrai1237′s best friend. They started out on Club Penguin together with Yeti321. His favorite servers are:Yeti,Zipline,Blizzard,And outback. He always gets on Club Penguin every day. Look for him and add him. Here is his player card:

Superpacman1 He is an awesome famous penguin! He works for Chrisdog93,Watex,Graser8 and many more.  All of his posts are awesome and really helpful to penguins everywhere. Everytime he gets on to Club Penguin he is crowded. That tells a lot about him right there. He also connects with his fans on twitter and is an awesome helpful penguin. Congratulations Superpacman1! Here is his player card:

Spyguydx is a very awesome friend of mine on Club Penguin,and he works for my Minimonos blog. That is how he got in to the hall of fame. His player card is below

Angel3667 is an awesome penguin! She is always in touch with her fans on twitter and provides awesome Club Penguin cheats on her site angel3667.t15.org! She also needs authors so go apply on her site. She is a great boss and wont let you down! Here is her player card:

Calicho1 is one of the best penguins I have met! He has been with Club penguin cheetz CP from the beginning! He has retired for a while maybe for good,but I hope he comes back to post again. His posts were really deep in detail. Here is his player card:

Distrocktiv7 Is an awesome and very famous penguin. He works for chrisdog93 and always answers his fans,and sends plenty of postcards! Distrocktiv7 gets on Club Penguin often and if you see him say hi. Distrocktiv7 always is crowded when he gets on. Here is what he looks like.

Chrisdog93 is the most famous penguin i know! He has a very succesful website and always connects with fans on twitter and facebook. Every time he gets on Club Penguin he is very corwded. He explains every thing good on his site clubpenguincp.com. here is his player card.

Pengwing4 Is an awesome and very famous. He is also very nice and he gets on Club Penguin a lot. He writes for watex,himself,chrisdog93,and many more! His work is always really good and he explains everything all the way and never leaves anything out. If you see him on Club Penguin say hi! Here is what pengwing4 looks like!

Thekoolman3 Is one of the nicest penguins I know! He knows a lot about clubpenguin,and he gets on often! He is the one who made my domain,and website. Without him this would not be here! Check out his player card.

Dino boy7 Is a nice penguin,and he makes very good youtube videos! Check out his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DinoBoy7Videos 
Here’s his player card!

Dq231 is one of the coolest guy who is so funny! Making epic videos on Youtube since 2008! Even does cheats and has a site called clubpenguinexclusives.com Here’s his player card!


Cena12121 is a cool person who has a famous blog and also does Club Penguin cheats. Cena is a very hard to find penguin. Take a look of her playercard.


Still In construction.

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  1. im so famous plz see me on twitter! @amma9cp

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