How to become famous on cp

1. This is the first step to become famous. You have to do cool glitches that most people don’t know about that isn’t hacking. Alot of penguins have to be in the room you do the cool glitch in. Otherwise, it won’t work. If you do a really really awesome glitch like walk up and down the lighthouse on the walls, then penguins will ask how you do it. I’d say the best server to do this is Mammoth because it is mostly crowded. You might get tiny tiny famous, but not alot.

2. You should make a clubpenguin blog, just like me. You have to add alot of cool stuff on your blog like games. Maybe you can have that many hits, or even more! When you get about 5,000 hits, you should start planning parties. Don’t make parties when you have 1,000 hits when barely anyone will come! After at least 1 year, you should get so much people to crowd you. As you keep on having parties as your hits go up, you will have more and more people crowd you. That is exactly what happened to Heatblast227!  :) :lol:

3.If you are a member of youtube, make lots of youtube videos and make parties at the end of the youtube video. In your youtube video, you have to put alot of funny things and alot of special effects. That way people watching your youtube video wouldn’t x your video out. They would keep watching and laugh. I think your clubpenguin youtube video should be like ‘the funny clubpenguin’ or ‘clubpenguin tv’.

4. If you are a old penguin, wear all your oldest clothes and your background and your pin. Alot of people will ask to be your buddy and say that you are a really old penguin. Maybe some people will crowd you.Remember, pins never come back so you HAVE to wear your oldest if you want to get famous.

And lastly to become famous is to make contest or free giveaways. That’s all! I hoped you enjoyed so bye!


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  1. Cool that’s what im gonna do thanks!

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